Eco-Socialism or Eco-Capitalism? A Critical Analysis of Humanity’s Fundamental Choices

19,23 (IVA no incluido)

Ejemplares limitados donados por el autor a Touda para su venta.

Un clásico del ecosocialismo —difícil de encontrar— que desmonta el mito del capitalismo verde. Un libro de gran relevancia para aquellas personas preocupadas por fusionar el ecologismo radical con los movimientos socialistas.


Saral Sarkar, 1999.

Rústica. 296 págs.
Idioma: inglés.
PVP: 20 €.
Edita: Zed Books.

This major work explores some of the most important questions facing humanity. The author starts by investigating why the Soviet bureaucratic model of socialism failed, arguing that ir ran up against environmental and resource limits to growth quite early. He then shows that a free market capitalism economy, built on our current model of industrial production and mass consumerism, will eventually encounter a similar fate. Nor will a modified ‘eco-capitalism’ provide a solution to the twin problems of environmental destruction and social injustice.

Sarkar looks, therefore, to a fundamentally different future — one in which our very notion of progress is differently conceived. This urgently needed vision of a sustainable ‘good society’ must have some historial continuity with the great socialist traditions of justice and popular participation. But it will take diverse social forms even if these must be based on an acceptance of certain imperatives and principles common to all peoples in both North and South. This is onlye likely to come about if a new generation of political movements struggles to achieve it.


  1. Introduction
  2. Why the Soviet Model of ‘Socialism’ Failed (1): Limits to growth and ecological degradation
  3. Why the Soviet Model of ‘Socialism’ Failed (2): The new class and the moral degeneration of ‘socialist’ society
  4. The Natural Resources Base of an Economy — Illusions and Realities
  5. Eco-Capitalism — Can It Work?
  6. The Alternative — A ‘Third Way’ or Eco-Socialism?
  7. What about Progress?

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