LegadoWeb (web legacy)

Since 2013 our association offers, in consistency with its commitment with cultural and non-profit organizations on the Internet, a service called LegadoWeb (Web Legacy). The aim of this service is to help to preserve culturally or socially significant web contents. We consider important to help the digital heritage created by associations and social collective to persist, because it is often the result of many hours of volunteer work and even of economic investments for web development and hosting, which is always hard for Third Sector organizations. Too often an association’s demise means the disappearance from the WWW of the valious content and knowledge that has been created by them during many years.

Coherently with our values, Touda is offering organizations the chance to keep for an indefinite time period (“as long as Touda keeps on existing and having a web server”), statically (no updatable), the contents from their web sites.

Our LegadoWeb service includes migration and adaptation, if needed, of the sites, to a directory under LegadoWeb.com domain, and also the more convenient redirection from their former addresses, mapping all URLs, to their new place. The cost of this service takes in account that, usually, when requested, it’s done during final days of organization actitivy. Consequently, the cost is decided by the customer on a pay-what-you-can basis: each organization pays whatever they can, in a sigle payment, referred to the hosting tariffs for Touda’s normal customers.

At present we are preserving the legacy of these sites:

If your organization wishes to request this service, you can contact us by the usual ways.

Independently from that request, we strongly advise that every organization or individual send their web address to the WayBackMachine, a service by the Internet Archive, a non-profit which will periodically do and archive a copy of those sites.