Can we help you with your Internet project?

Touda Association counts with professionals with more than 20 years of experience in many diverse Internet fields, during which they have given consultancy to more than one hundred projects, both commercial and non-profits.

If you need help with your Internet project, we can offer that expertise to you in the form of a whole consultancy service, since the strategic concept of what is to be done until the technical detailed implementation, and even help you permanently with its management. We offer not just doing a website, but to be your Internet companions through all the process since the idea till the final online implementation. We help you to take all the steps on a strategy which is coherent with your aims and adjusted to your budget.

Be you an individual or a non-profit organization, we’ll be glad to help you with all we can do, specially if your goals, values or action fields are similar to ours:
sustainability, tehcnology-citizenship relationship, culture

So may we help you?

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